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[BKARTS] Bhutan Book

Hello Everyone,

Last Friday evening I had the good fortune to see the Bhutan book that
has been discussed here a few times. I just wanted to tell you all that
if you have any chance at all to see this book or hear a lecture about
the project, drop everything and go! The book, which has been certified
by Guiness Book of World Records to be the world's largest book, is
absolutely fantastic. Gorgeous photography, interesting binding
structure and most of all a very worthwhile humanitarian project. To
date, they have sold 60 copies of the books at $10,000 each. A whole
$8,000 of the sales price goes to education projects in Bhutan.

The binding itself is interesting. The pages are basically one long
roll of large format ink jet printing paper, folded on the fore-edge
like you would fold a Japanese-style book. At the spine the pages are
attached to an accordion which is held into the covers with Chicago
screws. The spine itself was an interesting structure that I have never
seen before and couldn't quite figure out. The whole book sits on an
aluminum stand. It was fun to watch the bookbinders in the audience lay
on the floor underneath the stand to try see into the spine to figure
out the binding.  Each books takes 32 hours to print, one gallon of ink
and 8 hours to bind.

The book was purchased by an anonymous person and donated to the
University of Washington's Special Collections Library. They tell me it
will be installed in a specially built glass case within the next few
months and that someone will turn a page every day. What a wonderful
addition to an already terrific special collection!

So, if you get any chance at all to see this book, get to it. It's

Laura Russell
Bellingham, WA

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