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[BKARTS] Need help

I could use some advice. I am making a book for someone in which the
text block is about 1/2 inch thick. The pages are printed off my
computer so they are not folded but single sheets stacked together.
The customer wants a book that looks just like a commercially made
book with hard covers, etc. I have made books before that I sewed
together many signatures then glued and put muslin on the spine, etc.

For a book that is not sewed, do I clamp the pages together and apply
glue and then japanese paper and then muslin and then attach the
covers? I read about the process in only one book that I have and it
talked about bending the spine or manipulating it so that the glue
works its way into the block a bit. Any other hints you could give me
would be appreciated. I don't want the book to fall apart soon after
I give it to the client. I want it to be able to be opened and closed
with no trouble.

If you could recommend a website or specific book or just relay the
details I would appreciate your help.

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