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Re: [BKARTS] Need help

hi guys - this might help ,

if you don`t want to sew the block - then perfect bind it - put it in a press , ends `an all , with the spine upright and lengthways(?!) - bend the spine over on to the edge of the press and glue , each way - glue a piece of cloth 2" bigger than the spine , place on the middle and wrap it around - this then leaves you to do a soft cover binding like a paper back , which you can trim after . however , this will not be very strong , most paperbacks can only be read once !! Alternatively , you could stab sew the block , buy drilling holes along the spine - completing an all along stich , going one way and back , leaving the knot in the middle of the block - ends tipped on after   -  leaving you free to do either a flatback or rounded and backed book , you can line the spine how you`re comfortable - i find it best with a piece of jaconette or cloth , then a piece of craft - then make the appropriate case for the binding . The rounded and backed case binding is stirdier and will last
 longer , and will open better depending upon the dimensions and properties of the paper , and if you have not drilled the holes too far into the gutter margin . You cuold try and forward the book as a rounded and backed or flat backed book without sewing - or you could make small troughs along the width of the spine , placing sewing thread or chord (1"either way of the spine)then glue up with a dry pva tip ends on and line etc.......

hope this has been of some use


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