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[BKARTS] Time is Running Out...

Time is running out...

Thanks to all of you who have sent Pressman's Caps from near and as far as
Israel (Yehuda Miklaf),
Germany (Elke Koepping), Upper East Side of New York (Mimi Weisbond and Fran
Kaufman), Rhode Island (Ann Grasso), San Francisco (Don Bardol), Forest Hills
(Marilyn Reichstein), to name only a few.

They've been made from funny, financial, wedding announcement, theater, art,
music pages from local papers. With additions of jingle bells, beads,
ribbons, veils,
tassles and keyboards they are absolutely delightful.

In about two weeks they'll be photographed and sent on to the New York Public
Library for an
upcoming exhibition.

There's still time for YOU to make one, SIGN IT, and mail to me.

The more the merrier!

Alice Simpson
275 West 96th Street -8A
New York, NY 10025

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