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[BKARTS] Marbling problem

Thanks to all who have responded with excellent suggestions.

I should explain what I am trying to do. Years ago, I did a lot of marbling
with carrageenan size and acrylic paints. I think I tried metylcellulose
then but gave up on it. Now, another member of our Book Arts Guild and I are
planning a marbling demonstration to illustrate two methods. She will use
carrageenen size with  watercolor paints and I'm supposed to do it with
methylcellulose size and acrylic paints.

I did stir the first batch of size I made at least 15 minutes until it was
clear, and intermittently for the next half hour, before I poured it into
tray. It gummed up badly on the bottom. I'll take the good advice from all
of you and stir longer and let it sit overnight to cure. Then I'll try
again. Will let you all know what happens.

Perhaps I should be using inks rather than acrylics with this simple size.


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