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[BKARTS] Fred Sihahdeh's Passing:

It is with deep regret that I report that I just received a telephone call
from Elke Sihahdeh that her husband Fred Sihahdeh, Boobinder (Philadelphia, PA)
has passed away, at 79 years old.
We have faxed the GBW office an obituary, that should be viewable online
soon. Calling/Viewing hours will be held this evening (2/20/04) at
Chadwick-McKinney Funeral Home/ 30 W. Athens Ave, Ardmore, Pa.  Fred was a very close friend
and colleauge of mine for many years, and was one of the finest bookbinder's
in America; laying claim to over forty-years of active book restoration and
conservation work. He was also a "very" close friend of Bernard Middleton. We
worked on many fine projects together for some of the most renowned families in
America, including the "Merriott's,", the "DuPont's," and the "Rockefeller's."
Not to mention a tremendous amount of high-level conservation projects for
many of America's great institution's.
The work of Fred's "mystic hands"  is found in major collections across the
United States, and around the world. Fred and I enjoyed many, many long days,
and nights, working together in the bindery: conserving; restoring; inventing;
and creating. As well as "solving the world's problems." Often, over a "glass
or three of wine," as Fred would say.
With the passing of Fred Sihahdeh we are forced to say a sorrowful adieu to
an important and foundational portion of the  'art of the book' in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania....and the "The World."
Elke (Mrs. Fred Sihahdeh) kindly requests that in lieu of phone calls, that
condolances be sent by mail. Corrospondance can also be directed to:
Philadelphia Conservation, 1721 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Tele:
Let's remember "Fred," and all that he contributed and accomplished to the
world of BOOKBINDING. May his name forever be found in "Bibliography!"
Thank You,
Michael LeRoi Chrisman
1721 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
Tel: 267-237-2307

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