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[BKARTS] The Exquisite Notes

Here is a some more information about the illustration detailing
headband sewing featured on the cover of the February 2004 issue of the
GBW newsletter which were taken from The Exquisite Notes:

What are ?The Exquisite Notes??

The Exquisite Notes is a reproduction of all my graduate study class
notes on the book structures taught in the Interdisciplinary Art Book
and Paper Program at Columbia College Chicago.

As a visual artist and an industrial designer, drawing has the most
effective way to communicate a process. I am able to quickly capture the
step by step process on paper and more effectively than a camera still
or video. Even though I was handed detailed written instructions, it was
the visual instruction that gave clarity. All the drawings are done in
real time as I also made the structures at the same time. I was
encouraged to continue this method of notation based on the responses
from my colleagues, visiting artists, instructors and staff at Columbia

The drawings are not an attempt to standardize the process, but to
document the craft of the many gifted artists. I realize there are many
methods and different schools of thought. I am aware there are many
publications and books on the subject matter, but there also many
incredibly talented artists in fine binding and conservation, some I
have met at GBW and many I hope to meet in the future whose knowledge
and talent are their legacy. I believe ?The Exquisite Notes? is Volume
One of what will be a life long endeavor to document the masters of

The Exquisite Notes, 166 pp

Beginning Bookbinding- Melissa J Craig, Instructor
Pamphlet Stitch
Single Section Case Binding
Soft Multi-section Binding
Limp Vellum
Flat Back Case Binding
Roundback Case Binding

Intermediate Bookbinding- Melissa J Craig, Instructor
Link Stitch
Coptic Binding on Wood Boards
Slip Case
Basic Sewn Board Binding-Limited Edition
La-Di-Da Longstitch
Hollow Tube/Lap Component Cover
Book As Structure
 Design Binding-Barbara Korbel
 A Late Medieval Book Structure-Maria Fredericks
 Leather-Betsy Eldridge

Advanced Bookbinding-Scott Kellar, Instructor

Ethiopian Binding
Armenian Binding
Adhesive Binding and Built-In Groove Case
Lap Component Binding-Repairing an Existing Book
Case Binding
Limp Vellum Binding
Raised Cord Binding

Boxmaking-Rae Ann Collins

Price $120 plus $5 shipping. Turn around time 2-3 weeks

THE EXQUISITE NOTES is also in a limited edition fine binding that was a
part of a year-long fine edition letterpress class taught by Audrey
Niffenegger. The edition is written in a journal format. The book
features 4 of my favorite structures and a chapter on Bizarre

Features 4 bindings:
 Flat Back Case Binding-Melissa J Craig
 A Late Medieval Book Structure-Maria Fredericks
 Adhesive Binding and Built-In Groove Case-Scott Kellar
 Boxmaking-Rae Ann Collins
 Bizarre Books-William Drendel

The handwriting font Sylvia was digitally created from samples of my
writing. Other typefaces used are Minion and Gill Sans.

The limited edition of 10 was printed using the technology of liquid
polymer plates on handmade paper. Each edition comes with a Faber
Castell  e-motion pencil which uniquely serves as a the closure to the
cloth slip case. At the end of the first 4 chapters is a set of 8 cards
bound with the illustrations taken from the original series of

Price: $1800  Copies still available

Hope this clears up any questions anyone may have.

sylvia alotta

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