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[BKARTS] Now Available CBBAG Bookbinding III Home Study Program!

Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG)
Home Study Programme

Bookbinding I, Bookbinding II, Bookbinding III, Endpapers, and Introduction
to Leather Now Available

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild Home Study Programme
incorporates the CBBAG basic curriculum. It consists of the following
components: Bookbinding I; Bookbinding II; Bookbinding III; Finishing,
Repair and Restoration; Endpapers; Introduction to Leather; Finishing;
Repair and Restoration; and Paper Treatments for Binders. CBBAG does not
teach paper conservation.
Now available for purchase are Bookbinding I , Bookbinding II, Bookbinding
III, Endpapers, and Introduction to Leather. Finishing will offered in fall
2004. Repair and Restoration and Paper Treatments for Binders will be
available in 2005. All are composed of multiple videos of approximately two
hours duration each and a manual. A Lexicon accompanies Bookbinding I.
Bookbinding I is considered the fundamental course, teaching terminology,
materials, tools, techniques, and basic concepts. The projects are very
simple and introduce the use of the basic techniques. Bookbinding I includes
six videos which are titled Setting Up the Shop and Tools; Materials and
Techniques, Making a Picture Frame; Sewing Variations, Endpapers; Bookcloth
and Board; Making the Case; Hanging-In the Textblock, Adhesion, and
Expansion and Contraction. This course includes pamphlet sewing, lap stitch
sewing, quarter, half, and full cloth case binding, and concepts of grain,
warp and pull, swell, and the joint. Incorporated in the Bookbinding I
course is an enrichment segment on Sewing Variations.
Bookbinding II videos are titled: Making Bookcloth, Paper Calculations,
Sewing Endpapers, Reducing the Swell; Rounding and Backing, Edge Treatments;
Sewn Headbands, Spine Linings, Hollow Tubes; Critiquing the Fit, the German
Case, Bradel Binding. This course includes recessed cord lap stitch sewing,
invisible and visible hinge hooked endpapers, simple edge treatments, the
traditional two-stripe endband, rounding and backing, hollow tube and bradel
attachment of boards to textblock, as well as concepts of the natural
shoulder and expansion and contraction.
Bookbinding II includes the enrichment segment on Endpapers (2 videos),
which is also offered separately.
Endpapers videos (included in Bookbinding II or available separately):
Function and Structure; Demonstration.
Bookbinding III includes Introduction to Leather, which is also offered
Bookbinding III videos are titled: Joint Construction, Packed Sewing, German
Zigzag; Review of Rounding and Backing, Hanging on Boards; Leather Spine and
Corners, Critique of Student Work; Headcaps, Finishing
For more information, please contact the CBBAG office directly to find out
how to order or how to register for the monitored program.

60 Atlantic Ave., Suite 112
Toronto, ON  M6K 1X9
Please call 416.581.1071
Email:  cbbag@xxxxxxx <mailto:cbbag@xxxxxxx>   or click on to:

The home study program is available in video (either VHS or PAL format) and
also in DVD.

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