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[BKARTS] Leap Year Open Studio Cancellation

Hello Book Arts & Letterpress Lists:

The latest edition of The Book Arts Classified arrived in our mailbox over
the weekend. For those of you who are subscribers and who may have noticed
our announcement there of the Convivio Bookworks Leap Year Open Studio Days
scheduled for this coming weekend, please note that that event has been
cancelled. We decided to cancel about a month ago as it became apparent
that the time necessary for preparation just wasn't there, and though I
thought I had covered all our bases, the Book Arts Classified was the one
advance announcement that slipped by unnoticed.

So if any of you were planning to journey to Lake Worth for the event,
sorry to disappoint you. Oh, but the tenth annual Lake Worth Street
Painting Festival will be going on right downtown, so it won't be a total
loss. This is one of our more interesting Lake Worth events. Full details
are at the festival's website:


We probably won't schedule our next Open Studio Days until autumn some
time, and what with spring and a long Florida summer between then and now,
we promise to be ready then with some new books and other items for your

Regrets and thanks,

John Cutrone & Seth Thompson Convivio Bookworks Lake Worth, Florida http://www.conviviobookworks.com

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