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[BKARTS] diameter of holes for "chicago posts"

I have a question for those of you who regularly construct post bindings.  I use aluminum screw posts with a 3/16" diameter, as many of you do also.  I generally drill a 3/16" hole with a brad tip drill bit on my 12" drill press.  Lately, I have become impatient with all the debris that results when using a regular drill bit.

So I decided to try to find a hollow drill bit that would work on my drill press, that has a chuck that opens to 1/2".  I ordered a 3/16" diameter hollow drill bit that would fit a CHallenge press but am having trouble figuring out a way to rig in to the drill press as the shank is 3/4".  When I ordered it I figured I would just rig in somehow.  But I haven't had much success in doing this.

I just spoke to someone at CFS binding supplies who told me that the Martin Yale bits have a shank that is just under 1/2"...and so may work in a standard 12" drill press.  The problem is that these bits do not come in 3/16" diameter only 1/4" and 9/32".

SO...When drilling holes for posts of a 3/16" diameter, do you generally drill a 3/16" hole or a 1/4" hole?  I have liked the snug fit of the 3/16" hole...but I would also like to use a hollow bit intended for paper in my standard drill press.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Jo Anne

Jo Anne Martinez-Kilgore
Cariño Conservation of Books and Paper
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Albuquerque, New Mexico  87107
(505) 343-9172

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