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[BKARTS] VetoMail message from umbrella@ix.netcom.com


Important message from umbrella@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have just installed VetoMail an anti spam filtering tool. VetoMail is
free to evaluate for 90 days.

More information is available at http://www.vetomail.com

Vetomail simply and safely defeats all Spam [junk email] by ONLY
allowing me to see email that has been authorised.

Your email address BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx has now been auto
authorised by me from my address book. However if you send me email from
a different email address in future you will receive a message from
Vetomail asking you to prove you are a real person and not just a spam
sending robot.

Should this occur it will only take you a few seconds, but I thought Id
notify you now to save confusion in the future.

You are receiving this message from umbrella@xxxxxxxxxxxxx a VetoMail

VetoMail asks that senders verify their address before email is
delivered. Yours is now already authorised. This only needs to do this
once per VetoMail protected email address.

If you want more information on Vetomail and how it can save you time
and money by defeating all the spam you receive please visit the
Vetomail website - http://www.vetomail.com


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