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Re: [BKARTS] SF Book Arts and Printers Fair

Many thanks to Susan for replying before I could (I
get the listserv in digest format and so did not see
the exchange until Sunday morning). Yes, the PCBA Book
Arts and Printers' Fair will be held Saturday April
17th, not the 24th. Fort Mason confused our group with
the Friends of the SF Library: the Friends will be
holding one of their regular quarterly book sales on
the 24th & 25th and both groups use the same room for
our respective events.

If you are a member of the Pacific Center for the Book
Arts and have not yet gotten your info letter, or if
you have any questions about the Fair, you can contact
me at bspf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Katy German
Pegma Press

The Pacific Center for the Book Arts

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