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[BKARTS] Lamination? Shiny book covers?

Hi Everyone
A few weeks ago I asked for advice about binding a book of loose
pages ( I was " need help") and you all gave it to me- thank you. In
one of the replies someone mentioned - cold laminator by 3M. This is
a comission book that I am making and I want the cover to be shiny
and protected from dirt. The image on the cover is being printed on
my epson printer on photo quality inkjet paper( 4.9 mil). I tried
some glossy photo paper and I liked the color intensity/quality much
better but the weight seemed too stiff ( 6.5 mil)and I don't think I
would be able to cover the hard board covers with that. Even with
this paper I am running into problems because the paper isn't big
enough. I will have to piece it together. But I am thinking that
lamination, while not only protecting the book, it will also make the
colors look glossier, brighter?

So, a few  questions-
Does this type of paper come bigger ( and not too expensive) Can you
suggest something else?
Is cold lamination what I want for my purposes and does Kinko's (or
somewhere else) do                 it for me?
Is there something else I can use- a spray or gel medium to achieve
that commercial look that the client wants?

Thanks in advance for your help
Julie Friedman

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