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Re: [BKARTS] MOMO/Franklin Furnace Collection

Dear Kevin- The Franklin Furnbace collection was merged with the MOMA
collection many years ago, when Clive Philpot was the MOMA Librarian.  Multiples were
the bedrock of his collecting philosophy. No, that doesn't, in my opinion,
cheapen the collection. Rather, it enriches it. Many of us have sold books to
MOMA ( and lamented the fact that you had to make an appointment to visit the
collection). Franklin Furnace, warts and all, was open to everyone and
everything thus now providing an astonishing  window into what was "happening" in the
inderground art world f rom the 60's on. I like to keep in mind that a resume
line dies with you and a rich and diverse collection lives on for everyone to
Louise Neaderland
International Society of Copier Artists

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