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Re: [BKARTS] Copyright info. for book artists

Ann Kingman wrote:

1. If I purchase an existing book (currently in print) and rebind it --
leaving the text and pages unchanged -- can it be displayed publicly, and/or

Yes. Copyright has to do with reproduction, not display per se. You are
not reproducing or copying it. If you are publishing it or somehow
making multiple copies, such as using it in an ad or showing it on a web
page for commercial purpose, there could be some question. However, if
what you are showing is your own work such as your own unique cover
design or your skill at rebinding the book, you should have no problem.
The book, then is incidental to the purpose.

2. In a similar vein, if I cut an article out of a magazine (post 1923 --
the magazine in question is from 1940) and use the actual article in an
artists book, is that a violation of copyright?

First, off the top of my head, I don't believe the copyright act of 1972
(73?) as amended would protect the 1940 text. It may be public domain. I
couldn't say for sure without checking the law. Even if it was it might
depend on just how it was used.

The above shouldn't be taken as gospel. I know a lot about a narrow area
of copyright and am not double checking. Plus, I'm not a lawyer.

Why not check in on a copyright or legal newsgroup?

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