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[BKARTS] Removing crayon from paper

Julie - I have had good results removing crayon from paper using a sponge
pad made in Germany which is marketed under the name "Magic Eraser by Mr.
Clean." It's a Procter & Gamble product readily available in the household
cleansers section of your local grocery store. Make sure you squeeze out the
excess water when you use it on paper; it yields the best results when the
pad is barely damp.

See details at www.mrclean.com


> ----original message----
> Date:    Fri, 26 Mar 2004 21:42:48 -0500
> From:    Chuck & Julie Basham <charlesB@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Removing crayon from library book
> Can anyone give me some advice on how to remove green crayon from one
> page of a library book. My 3 1/2 year old niece drew on a $30.00 out
> of print children's book and my brother wants to try to fix it.
> Someone told him that lighter fluid would work?! I told him not to do
> anything until I consulted with my panel of experts here. Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Julie
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