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[BKARTS] looking for AB related academic books

Hi Everyone,

I know most list members here are into book art and binding vs. altered
books (ABs), but I'm interested in both and working on some school related
stuff concerning ABs so I thought it might be worthwhile to pick your brains.

While there are tons of new books on the market about ABs, most are of the
artsy/crafts variety. Some are really nice but not what I need for a
college class. I'm looking for some academic works that might be related to
this. Maybe something along the lines of _Works and Texts_ by Tom Phillips
maybe? - I'm still thinking about that one - Articles would be fine as
well. I've also seen these referred to (during the Victorian era) as
extra-illustrated books by the way - for example - I found a great article
by Robert R. Wark "The Gentle Pastime of Extra-Illustrated Books."

I've found some good info sort of reading around the idea of altered text
by way of book art related information, but nothing specifically about ABs.
There must be something out there...right?

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