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[BKARTS] Pictures of New Book/Paper Recommendation

Hi All,

I finally got pictures of my new book up on my website
at http://www.karasjoblom.com/pearl.html. The book was
just finished and I can hardly believe one quarter of
the edition has already sold. FYI, I forgot to put the
size up last night - the book is 5"x5".

It was a collaboration with an amazing illustrator,
and let me tell you, if every collaboration were as
easy-going and rewarding as this one, I would do it
all the time. And this was with an impossible
deadline! That is not to say that everything went
smoothly (does it ever?), but the collaboration part
was a dream.

I also wanted to share information on the paper I used
for the book. It's called Moab Entrada Fine Art 190
(http://www.moabpaper.com). Because I had full bleed
images, I printed on 11x17 paper and cropped the pages
down to size. However, I had a terrible time finding
large sheets of DOUBLE-SIDED watercolor type paper.

Finally someone recommended the Entrada and I
immediately ordered a box to try. Moab offers profiles
for the Epson 2200 (which is what I use) and I think
the 7600. After applying the profile, I did not have
to make ANY color adjustments to get the pictures to
print properly. Additionally, the customer service was
fabulous and the shipping was super fast. I have no
doubt I will be using this paper for many future
projects. I highly recommend giving it a try. They do
have a swatch book of all their papers available as


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