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[BKARTS] Upcoming workshops in New York City

ARLIS/NA Sponsored Workshops
ARLIS/NYC04 Conference

ARLIS/NA is pleased to offer our New York area colleagues an
opportunity to benefit from and participate in these workshops which we
are sponsoring.

If you are interested in enrolling in one of more of these workshops,
please register on the ARLIS/NA conference website:
Here’s what you do:
Use the online registration form, indicate that you are a non-member
Explain that you are a workshop only participant in the “Special
Requirements” box
Select your workshop or workshops
Indicate the workshop total plus the additional $10.00 processing fee
Pay by credit card or alternatively you may pay at the ARLIS/NA
conference registration desk at the Roosevelt Hotel before your workshop

If you need to make arrangements with a person, please get in touch

 Susan Rawlyk, ARLIS/NA conference manager

Friday, April 16

Workshop I:  8:00 am - 5:00 pm
 Papermaking:  History and Technique Through Hands-on Experience

Enrollment limit:  20; Fee:  $50 + $10

Workshop Location:  Dobbin Mill, Dobbin Street, Brooklyn, NY

Workshop Leader:  Robbin Ami Silverberg, Director of Dobbin Mill

Moderator:  Jae Jennifer Rossman, Yale University

This workshop will take a hands-on approach to exploring the history
and technique of papermaking.  Paper is fundamental to our work as
librarians.  It is the transporter of ideas in the books we purchase,
and is often the information itself, such as in contemporary artists’
books.  Participants will learn about the history and structure of paper
through lecture and direct participation.  This workshop is appropriate
for novices; yet it will enhance the knowledge and skills of those with
introductory bookbinding or books arts related experience.

The workshop will focus on Western papermaking techniques used in the
book format.  The instructor will discuss the ethnographical history of
paper as well as the process of papermaking.

Participants will learn to create a book at the same time they create
the paper.  Participants will assist in preparation of the fibers and
pulp, formation of pulp into paper, and incorporation of a binding
structure into the wet paper.  They will also be exposed to a variety of
techniques that can be used to alter the paper, creating interesting
surfaces, imagery, or text.  A discussion of these techniques and their
uses in contemporary book arts will accompany the hands-on portion of
the workshop.  Participants will leave with increased knowledge of the
history of paper, techniques of papermaking, and their very own book
created from scratch.

Workshop II:  8:00 am-12:00 pm
  Collaboration and the Role of Organizational Culture

Enrollment limit:  40; Fee:  $60 + $10

Workshop Location:  Roosevelt Hotel, York Suite

Workshop Leader:  Kathryn J. Deiss, Director, Strategic Learning
Center, Chicago Library System

Moderators:  Kathleen List, Ringling School of Art and Design, and
Moira Steven, Atlanta College of Art

Collaboration is the work mode of the 21st century.  Current economic
and political forces call for internal collaboration as well as
collaboration between organizations.  Since differing organizational
cultures can effect the outcome of the collaboration, it is important to
learn how organizational culture works. Every organization has a unique
culture of its own.  This half-day workshop will focus on the practical
applications of organizational culture in an interdependent environment.
 Participants will learn the definition of organizational culture, the
three arenas in which organizational culture is made evident and or
resides, how to “translate” your culture to people outside of it, and
methods for dealing with culture clashes.

Workshop V:  1:00 pm -- 5:00 pm
 Effecting Change in the Organization

Enrollment limit:  40; Fee:  $60 +$10

Workshop Location:  Roosevelt Hotel, York Suite

Workshop Leader:  Kathryn J. Deiss, Director, Strategic Learning
Center, Chicago Library System

Moderators:  Lynda White, University of Virginia and Bella Gerlich,
Carnegie Mellon University

Change is constant and requires change management skills at all levels
within libraries and visual resources organizations.  Participants will
learn about various types of change, identify necessary organizational
roles for effective change facilitation, identify strategies for
effectively communicating change, discuss tools for managing the change
process, and explore individual change styles.  Ideally, participants
will be able to apply skills to meet needs of their present
institutional situation, introduce staff and colleagues to the skills
they have learned, and call upon the network of colleagues developed
through participation in the workshop.

Tuesday, April 20

Workshop VIII:  1:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Understanding the Physical Nature and Preservation Options for Your Art
Research Collection

Enrollment limit:  35; Fee:  $50 + $10

Workshop Location:  Roosevelt Hotel, Broadway Suite

Workshop Leader:  Mindy Dubansky, Associate Museum
Librarian—Preservation, Thomas J. Watson Library, Metropolitan Museum
of Art

Moderator:  Ross Day, Metropolitan Museum of Art

This workshop will provide practical information on preservation and
conservation in art research libraries and will assist the participant
in the creation of a preservation approach that is sympathetic with the
particular character and needs of her/his institution.  It will
introduce attendees to current standards and practices in book
conservation to assist them in understanding, describing, and
prioritizing their needs and ultimately to prepare the attendees to take
action to preserve their own collections.   We will discuss how each
book’s nature, use, and size; its exhibition and monetary value; and its
relationship to the larger collection come into play when balancing
emotional and practical motivations for preservation-related decisions.
A wide range of book structures and possible treatment options and
terminologies will be discussed.  We will discuss the preparation and
implementation of a preservation needs assessment study and manual.
Finally, we will talk about the relationship between preservation and

V. Heidi Hass
Head of the Reference Collection
The Pierpont Morgan Library
29 East 36th Street
New York, NY  10016-3403

TEL: 212 590-0381
FAX: 212 685-4740
NET: vhhass@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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