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[BKARTS] the term "AB" ?

          For those of you beginning to use the term "AB" for altered books,
you should at least be aware that in the world of book collecting AB has
another meaning!
        Until a few years ago AB was a very famous and longstanding weekly
magazine: AMERICAN BOOKMAN's Weekly,  read eagerly and advertised in by book
dealers and collectors all over the country.
     Although it folded in a bow to the internet recently, the name AB and
the format, was I believe purchased, and there are at this moment, efforts
to revive AB online.
   So  I suggest you at least puncuate differently the abbreviation, lest
you cause confusion in the world of book collecting.
       Since altered books is not a proper noun, perhaps: a-b?          best
wishes, Olivia Hibel

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