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EP Insights is an innovative bimonthly e-newsletter from Electronic 
Publishing magazine. In each issue you'll find the latest industry news and events. EP 
Insights will keep you informed and up-to-date on the graphic arts industry.


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---Xerox Seminars Feature Print Experts 
---Quoin Announces Printing Electronics Report 

---Online Proofing Zone for Multiple Distributors 
---Enfocus PitStop Server Offers PDF 1.5 Support 

---VDP Presents a Sales Opportunity 

---Creo Leaf And Hasselblad Join Forces 
---Disc Makers Launch Web-based DVD Service 

---Creo Acquires US Printing Plate Facility 

---Hail and Farewell

Edited by Jeff Bairstow (mailto:jbairstow@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

Xerox Seminars Feature Print Experts 

Xerox and more than 20 of its partners are back on the road with "Innovate 
'04," a 10-city seminar series designed to help businesses learn how to develop 
innovative communications programs and therefore reduce costs, generate new 
revenue streams and boost customer loyalty. Last year's series reached about 
2,800 printing and graphic arts professionals in 15 North American cities and 11 
European countries 

Quoin Announces Printing Electronics Report 

Quoin Communications has introduced the report, "Printing Electronics: 
Applications of Nanotechnology & Microtechnology in Printing and the Graphic Arts" 
by James E. Harvey, president of Media4theWorld, LLC. Harvey, who is 
responsible for the creation of the TAGA MicroTech conference and online forum, 
describes opportunities for printers and graphic arts technology providers in the 
printing of displays and logic devices. 


Online Proofing Zone for Multiple Distributors 

PROOF-it-ONLINE has added a new Manufacturer/Distributor Zone to their 
browser based proofing and approval management solution at www.proofitonline.com. 
The Manufacturer/Distributor Zone enables manufacturers who sell through a 
distributor network to post online proofs for their distributors, who can then 
automatically route the proofs on to their customers for final review and 
approval. http://nep.omessage.com/lrd3_AAFQswAARe8B

Enfocus PitStop Server Offers PDF 1.5 Support 

Enfocus Software has released PitStop Server 3.1, featuring full PDF 1.5 
compatibility. With this release, the entire Enfocus product line is now PDF 1.5 
compatible, allowing documents to be preflighted, automatically corrected, and 
Certified in accordance with the latest PDF specifications for improved 
processing through the complete workflow http://nep.omessage.com/lrd4_AAFQswAARe8B

VDP Presents a Sales Opportunity 

Given a pile of children's building blocks, some will build houses and some 
will build castles. According to a report by TrendWatch Graphic Arts, the 
development and acceptance of variable data printing or VDP has been similar. For a 
select, yet significant sub-segment of commercial printers and trade service 
firms, VDP has been a solid source of revenue generation and market 
differentiation. http://nep.omessage.com/lrd5_AAFQswAARe8B

Creo Leaf And Hasselblad Join Forces 

Creo and Hasselblad have combined the Hasselblad H1 camera and the Leaf Valeo 
22 digital camera back, a fast integrated medium-format digital system. 
Together, Hasselblad and Leaf continue to demonstrate image excellence, system 
reliability, and flexibility. Made for professionals, the Hasselblad H1 Leaf Valeo 
22 system is robust, fast and accurate. 

Disc Makers Launch Web-based DVD Service 

Disc Makers, an independent media manufacturer, can now make DVD duplication 
available online through its interactive DVD Self Service Web site. With this 
service, Disc Makers now gives DVD customers, including filmmakers and 
studios, the opportunity to create their own DVD and place short-run duplication 
orders online from the convenience of their home or studio with turn around times 
as fast as two business days. http://nep.omessage.com/lrd7_AAFQswAARe8B


Creo Acquires US Printing Plate Facility 

Creo has acquired a printing plate manufacturing facility in Middleway, WV 
from Spectratech International. Creo acquired the assets of Spectratech for 
approximately 13.3 million and working capital for approximately $6.0 million. The 
assets include Spectratech's current plate business, land, manufacturing 
equipment, factory and storage facilities while working capital consists of 
inventory and accounts receivable. http://nep.omessage.com/lrd8_AAFQswAARe8B


Ave Atque Vale

This is my final newsletter for Electronic Publishing. To all my sources and 
my readers I offer my thanks—it’s been fun covering the world of Electronic 
Publishing. BTW, if any of you are interested in renting my apartment in 
Florence (Italy) for a vacation, send a note to mailto:jnbairstow@xxxxxxxxxxx


International Paper proudly introduces Hammermill® Color Copy Gloss - a gloss 
coated paper created especially for use in high-speed color copiers and laser 
printers. Our exclusive formula combines shining performance with a 
gloss-coated sheet like no other paper on the market. To locate a merchant near you, 
visit http://nep.omessage.com/lrd9_AAFQswAARe8B

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Workflow Solutions Webcasts 

Workflow is the hot application for the 2004 printing market. Printers are 
looking to work faster and more efficiently. Most manufacturers and vendors 
offer workflow solutions (CIP4, JDF, etc.), but how are these applications 
implemented and executed? What is the ROI, increase in speed, accuracy, and 

To address these issues, Electronic Publishing is pleased to announce 
Workflow Solutions Webcasts, hosted by founder and senior contributing editor Frank 
Romano. Each webcast will focus on workflow topics that affect specific 
printing markets: Creative, Commercial, Publishing, and Corporate/In-plant.

The webcasts are completely interactive and free. Viewers have the 
opportunity to ask questions in real time, and receive immediate answers. We will also 
poll viewers for their reaction to various solutions and interests. 

Workflow Solutions for the Commercial Printer:  March 24 
Workflow Solutions for the Publishing Market: July 22 
Workflow Solutions for the Corporate/In-plant Printer: November 17 

To register for these FREE events, visit: 


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