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[BKARTS] Ink Test: Archival Properties

Some of the subscribers of Book Arts might find my home experiment
with accelerated aging and a few writing implements entertaining, if
not useful:


Highlights are:

* Of all commonly available writing implements tested, hard graphite
  pencils performed the best.

* Gel pens generally performed well, but one had some fading.

* The popular belief that most or all ballpoint black pens use carbon
  pigment is false.  Most appear to use unstable dyes.

* Sharpie markers other than black are surprisingly unstable. Black
  Sharpie markers are useful, but inferior to precise and pleasant
  Pigma Micron markers (cost is not substantially different if
  ordering Pigma by mail).

* While carbon-based toner in laser printers and copy machines is
  archival, adhesion can be a problem.  Copy machine output
  deteriorated.  (One can test toner adhesion quickly with an eraser.)

* The archival Strathmore Pure Cotton ultra-white paper itself faded
  to about the tone of Strathmore natural white paper.

Feedback is welcome.

Stanislav Shalunov              http://www.internet2.edu/~shalunov/

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