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[BKARTS] Book Arts for children

Dear Book Cases,

I have an opportunity to teach in a summer arts camp in New Orleans for
children ages 7 to 13. I need your help. I have looked at the archives
and found a reference to The Amazing Paper Book, by Paulette Bourgeois,
which looks great. I wonder if anyone has some more leads or ideas?

I have never taught before, but since its only a six week program I
don't think I can ruin any young lives even if I do a terrible job. On
the other hand, I might be able to introduce a student or two to the
marvelous stuff that can happen with ink and paper.

The curriculum is wide open. I plan to have two sections, one for the
younger and another for the older kids. Since I don't have a lot of
time I need to scale back my ambitions. Paper making and complicated
bindery will have to wait till next year. I will l have an adjustable
bed etching press available and I have some type (both metal and wood).
We'll cut blocks and sling ink and have a grand old time. Grander still
with your help. Please reply to the list or to me directly.

John Fitzgerald

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