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[BKARTS] Books for Children

I asked for help last year when I taught my first childrens' workshop, and
Susan and Roberta gave me good ideas and lots of encouragement. The
workshops were one of the highlights of my year and I learnt as much as did
the children.
Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord has some great tips for teaching children on her
website, and some projects that she has 'road tested', and I can assure you
they work. I used some of these in my workshop, as well as some simple
pop-ups and cards.
I also wanted the children to incorporate found objects in their work, and
since it was raining on the day and they couldn't go outside I took along a
big box of 'stuff' I'd collected from their village. Leaves, bottlle caps,
crushed tin cans, old wrappers, lost car reflectors etc. and I was amazed at
how they used these things.
I found a few staplers were a great addition to the tool box for attaching
found objects such as leaves, and craft glue for the heavier objects like
bottle tops.
We had an 'exhibition' at the end of the workshop where each child displayed
their work and I took a photograph. They loved this bit and were very proud
of what they'd produced.
Good luck with your teaching.
Judy Barrass

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