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[BKARTS] Desecrated book on ebay

Does anyone know if these are legit, i.e. owned by the person selling them or if they are perhaps sliced from some library's collection?

item name:                15 Authentic Pratt Antique Botanical Prints ~ Group 1
Price:                    US $9.95
Bids:                     0
End date:                 11-Apr-04 21:08:46 EDT
View item:                http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3716110421&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:CA:1

David Allen
Beddall Bookbinding Conservation & Restoration
840 Snowdrop Avenue
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 888-9380

In a culture whose fundamental premise is that Paradise is
permanently lost, the most subversive, dangerous, and
revolutionary of all principles lies in the simple statement,
'I have everything I need.'
     - Don Berry

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