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Re: [BKARTS] Altering a book

Its a fun project to hollow out a book. My daughter needed a place to
store secret messages. Pick a large enough one so that you can hold
something of substance. Pick a boring title, one recent one was "Canadian
Constitutional Law". Leave a few pages at the start and the end uncut, I
don't know why I do I just do. If you have a drill - drill the four
corners of the "box" (hold paper tight with davey board on top). This will
help keep the cut out area square and avoid it "drifting" because of the
play of a book opening. Cut out chunks of pages at a time - drill hole to
drill hole. I glue the pages together inside the box so that it can hold
things even standing up. I also glue the bottom pages so that the cut out
area has a "bottom". When gluing these pages, don't use too much glue and
spoil the textblock edge - making it look unnatural. Put under weight.
best wishes,

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