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Re: [BKARTS] Colophon addendum?

on 4/5/04 7:24 PM, Phillip Keuhlen at PJKAY@xxxxxxx wrote:

> As a collector, if I encountered one of these variant bindings I'd like to be
> able to tell what it was.  My preference would be to find a signed annotation
> of the colophon, in your hand, indicating something to the effect that, "This
> is one of "x" sets offered to binders as loose sheets, outside the regular and
> deluxe editions."

That is exactly the idea. I was wondering if there is a more concise way of
saying just that. Also, my handwriting is awful so I am trying to decide how
to print the additional information and not use a tip-in. Has anyone had
experience in doing something similar to this? I have about 50 extra sets.

Richard Kegler

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