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[BKARTS] scamming a book binder?!

List members,

A few weeks ago I received an email requesting pricing for clamshell
boxes and shipping...to Nigeria. It gave me pause because I could not
see an obvious scam in the request. I decided to ignore it because the
email did not seem to be addressed directly to me and because Nigeria
has a bad reputation for financial scams.

Yesterday, the individual wrote back in a more focused message and I
started trying to work out the details of the order. Still my suspicion
was high because they seemed more interested in arranging to pay me by
credit card than in specifying their order. Language seemed to be a bit
of an obstacle though and I still couldn't see how a scam would work.
An order for 50 handmade leather boxes though?! Couldn't they find a
less expensive source?

My request for advice from the US Consulate in Nigeria brought the
swift response, SCAM. They weren't specific about how it would operate,
only that the city of origin was a famed center of credit card scams.
This confirmed what my instinct was saying.

Back to work for my legitimate customers.

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

IM: stitchbyhand
(510) 537-9711

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