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[BKARTS] RFID system at Vatican Library

Date: 4 Apr 2004
From: Barnea Levi Selavan <selavan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RFID system at Vatican Library

Vatican Library Going High-Tech; Lady Carey's Journey
Turning to Computer Chips to Track 1.6 Million Volumes
By Delia Gallagher
Code: ZE04040124
Apr 1, 2004


   "The Vatican is not normally associated with high technology. But
    buried deep in the frescoed rooms of the Vatican Library,
    employees are working to install the first electronic
    cataloguing system of the West's most precious books and

   "The technology consists of placing a computer chip, called a
    radio frequency identification tag, inside the cover of every
    book so that its movement can be traced anywhere in the library.


   "The Vatican Library is the first in the world to attempt this
    system, every aspect of which had to be carefully considered,
    including the type of glue to be used to adhere the chip to the

Barnea Levi Selavan
Foundation Stone



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