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[BKARTS] Saving sections made up of thick paper

Well, today is my day to be an overly active member of the list serv....
So I have another dilemma. I'd be so grateful if any of you can help.
I am putting together a book that is 9 inches square. Case binding. It has 4
sections of 3 folded sheets. The sheets, or the book block, is made up of
very thick paper. Over 200 weight.
I barreled right into this undertaking assuming I could approach it like any
other case binding, even though the paper of the pages was so thick. I sewed
the book block onto linen tapes. I pasted the spine while in the press and
got the paste well into the cracks between each section. Let it dry well.
However, once the book was cased in, the sections "tear" apart when the book
is opened, revealing the linen tapes and the inside of the book spine
underneath. Horror of horrors.
Try again. So I sewed the book block even tighter and pressed it even harder
when I went to paste the cracks between each section. To the same end. The
pages are so heavy they don't stick together in the cracks between sections.
One simple flip through the book, and the sections tear from one another.
I don't usually use mull with linen tapes. Should I try this across the
spine as well? How else can I convince these sections that they want to be
together through the course of time?
Thanks so much,

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