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Re: [BKARTS] BookFest Feedback

Kevin and the list,
I was a participant in Book Fest this year and I for one was delighted
with the result.

> How was the turnout of shoppers?
There were good crowds both days, Saturday morning was slow but the
afternoon was good.

> How were sales?
Sales were actually better than I expected. I more than covered all
expenses,including travel and hotel. I had a half table so that was

> Was the show profitable for you?
As said above, plus there were book dealers and big collectors in
attendance and I made connections with several of them.

> Was it well organized?
It was extremely well organized and also very well publicized. I talked
to several interested out of town people who happened to be in town that
weekend and had seen ads in either the gallery guide or Time Out.

> Was it worth the $400 table fee?
As I said I reduced expense with a half table because I don't need the
full table. It would have still been profitable with a full table. I
sold one high priced book, $700.00 and the rest were mainly in the
$30-75.00 range. I think the people who only had higher priced, say over
$200.00, sales were more spotty. From what I could tell from the people
around me, most were happy with sales but a couple were not.

> How was this show for you compared to other similar shows?
The only other one I do is the Pyramid Atlantic book fair which has also
been worth doing, although it is more expensive for a table, $650.00
this year.

> Would you do it again next year?
Most definitely. I have found with Pyramid that sales build slightly
each time, I would hope for the same in NY.

I would be interested in hearing from other people who were there.


Emily Martin
The Naughty Dog Press
742 7th Ave. South
Iowa City, IA 52240 USA
319 338-7266
319 338-5741 (fax)
University of Iowa Center for the Book

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