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I gave up on ISBNs a while ago. First, the pricing system - only in America! - is tilted to favor the big behemoths of business, so my refusal to participate is a form of protest. Second, since I'm interested in anarchist-oriented systems of production and distribution I figured I'd be better off selling directly to consumers and staying away from the waste-intensive, high-overhead, sell-to-produce, million-middlemen model. It's more than paid off from the financial point of view.

Finally, there's another little problem with ISBNs: you're supposed to have a new number for every new edition. Without an ISBN I can feel free to improve my texts from month to month if I wish, for instance keeping an up-to-date bibliography for my book on Vellum Preparation. In the struggle between the rats and the dinosaurs the rats will win every time.

Squeak, squeak,

Paul T Werner, New York

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