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Re: [BKARTS] Saving sections made up of thick paper

It sounds to me that the problem is part structural and part material.  The
structural part is the glue seam between sections which hold the sheets
together in such a way that they have to bend sharply (considering the
thickness) in order to open the book.  The material question is the
weakness of the book paper to delaminating at the glue joint.  Or possibly
poor adhesion at the glue surface.  You don't say clearly which fails: the
glue, the adhesion surface or the paper.  I assume it is the paper which
tears just inside the glue surface.

In any event, the solution will have to be material (a less stiff and
tougher paper, better glue adhesion or better glue strength) or structural,
as the case may be.  If you are intent on using the existing book block, I
guess you should try to increase the flexibility.  The suggestion from
Peter et al of a non-adhesive structure would probably work.  If that does
not appeal, I would suggest using a thin, tough paper to hinge the sections
together, together with a super of some sort.  This would permit the glue
back to be more flexible, and not force the sheets to bend radically to
open the book between sections.  In case that is not clear, the idea is to
attach a narrow hinge by pasting to the outside of each section, bridging
the gap between sections at the spine, like guarding, only between the
sections instead of around them.  A small line of hinge will show between
the outer pages of the sections when the book is opened fully, so they
should be made to be as inconspicuous as possible, or made obvious as a
design element.

Other solutions might be to cut the heavy paper sheets and guard them
together with thinner, more flexible paper, or cut them a bit away from the
spine and join with thinner paper to make a hinge away from the
spine.  Then the spine is left rigid, and the pages turn easily without
stressing the glue.  These latter techniques are covered in many texts.


At 12:48 PM 09/04/2004 -0300, you wrote:
I tried the link stitch, but on only 4 sections it didn't seem to make much
difference. As a matter of fact, when the book is in the press, good and
tight, pasted in the creases, and reinforced with super, it looks more solid
than my house. But as soon as all is dry, and I open it to test, those
signatures pull apart.

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