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Re: [BKARTS] DVD imformation

> I am aware that DVDs are formatted for different areas of the world.  Yet,
> friends of mine in different countries are able to play the DVDs on their
> computers without difficulty.

Many computers' DVD players are either region-free, or can be frigged with
software to reset the region encoding.  Outside the US, many DVD players are
also chipped or otherwise altered to play DVDs from multiple regions.  This
alteration may or may not be legal, but it is certainly common.

> Does anybody have definitive information on how this works?  Is there a
> "universal" format which could be read by any DVD player?

There is a "Region 0" encoding which is playable in all regions.  However,
there is another impediment.  TVs in the Americas and some Asian countries
use NTSC encoding, while TVs in the rest of the world use PAL.  This affects
screen resolution and refresh rates.  Again, many European TVs are capable
of displaying an NTSC signal, while few American TVs are able to show a PAL

> As various book organizations contemplate producing DVDs of exhibitions,
> demonstrations, etc., it is important to know the distinctions and
> limitations.  But I have been unable to locate a source of such specific
> information.

Considering the above, it's probably best to try to make a Region 0
PAL-encoded disk and hope that any European, Austrialasian, Middle Eastern,
African, etc viewers have display equipment that will work with PAL.

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