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[BKARTS] Leather bookbinding guidance

Greetings, sages,

As I progress in my bookbinding studies I gather that working with
leather is not the same as book cloth or paper. The hints I've read
suggest that everything from adhesive to tooling and finishing are
different. Where can I get (simple?) directions for this? Preferably online.

Specifically, I'm making some post bound albums, a style that I vaguely
remember being called strawbridge. Anyway, the covers are etched metal
and I just want to use leather for the hinges and a spine. So, there are
exposed edges that may benefit from being turned. Leather is thicker
than paper or cloth and well, just not as flat, so it presents some
challenges. I'm sure there a a dozen other issues I'm not even aware of,
yet. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Scott Witte
www.scottwitte.com <http://www.scottwitte.com>

Member, APA | Midwest

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