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Re: [BKARTS] non-wovens, scams, etc.

At 07:12 PM 4/10/2004 +1000, you wrote:
Japanese Tissue Substitutes

There are  sources of nonwoven tissues I can think of:
Having left the lid off a container of hand wipes I was left with a roll of
very strong material which I used to mend a couple of paperbacks. Similar
tissue is in baby wipes, mirror wipes, even Chux would  work in some

I missed why nonwoven tissues were wanted, but on a fiber arts
list there was a discussion of something similar and nappy liners were
recommended. For those in the U.S., one of the artists sells them
on her website:  http://www.meinketoy.com/  (no affiliation)

Subsequently someone recommended Remay (non-woven fabric
you spread over plants to keep bugs/frost off).

On the subject of scams: I sell pkgs. of Japanese fabrics on my
website. Just little bits of things, no bulk orders, no wholesale,
and I'm always getting msgs. from wholesalers in China, India,
etc. totally inappropriate. Recently however, I had a msg.
purportedly from some kind of "agent" in India wanting to know
if they could order my "products" for a client in Nigeria, pay by
credit card, etc.

I just ignored it, waste of time.  So keep an eye out for "middleman"
scams too!

Susan Fatemi

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