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[BKARTS] BookFest 2004

Hello All,

I posted this query about Book Fest last week and got only one reply and was
hoping for a few more. Decided to post it again as I know there are several
other artists on this list who exhibited at the show. Perhaps everyone has
just been too busy getting their lives back together after the show?

What about some of you other shopppers who attended the show and might have
some feedback about it?


The first BookFest happened in New York last weekend. I was luck enough to
stop by, but only had a short time to spend perusing the wonderful books for
sale by a lot of talented artists. I'm hoping to do this show myself next

Here's my query for the artists who participated in the show:

How was the turnout of shoppers?
How were sales?
Was the show profitable for you?
Was it well organized?
Was it worth the $400 table fee?
How was this show for you compared to other similar shows?
Would you do it again next year?

Thanks for your answers. I know that many of the artists at the show are on
this list, so hopefully we can get some honest feedback. This information
will be very helpful to me while planning my travel schedule for next year.


Kevin Thomas

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