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Re: [BKARTS] BookFest 2004

I attended BookFest and loved it! My brain was saturated after two hours,
so I had to leave -- with three purchases. Had I the funds, I would have
been happy to buy something from almost every exhibitor, the quality and
creativity were so high. I enjoyed very much meeting some of the "names"
I've read so much about on the List and elsewhere.

I had the impression that most of the visitors were people already
interested in artistbooks. How to draw in the general public to broaden
the market is the question. I fear that the lack of response to your
queries below indicates that sales weren't that good for many of the


> Here's my query for the artists who participated in the show:
> How was the turnout of shoppers?
> How were sales?
> Was the show profitable for you?
> Was it well organized?
> Was it worth the $400 table fee?
> How was this show for you compared to other similar shows?
> Would you do it again next year?

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