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Re: [BKARTS] BookFest 2004


I was one of the participants of Bookfest 2004 and can try to answer
some of the questions.

How was the turnout of shoppers?

Very good. My one regret is that I didn't get a chance to go around and see everyone's work before the show opened. I had thought that Saturday afternoon would be a 'slow' time. But instead there was a steady stream of visitors all day so I couldn't see other exhibitors booths.

How were sales?

Very good. It exceeded my expectation by far.

Was the show profitable for you?

Yes. I made way more than the hotel and I drove so travel wasn't expensive (although parking was).

Was it well organized?

Yes. I was worried about getting books in from the car but I just stayed with the car and Marcia and Ed brought my books in for me! The room was well laid out and I think most of the visitors went all the way around. Lighting was good. The table was longer than I thought it would be--my tabletop barely covered--so I had a lot of room to spread out.

Was it worth the $400 table fee?


How was this show for you compared to other similar shows?

I've never done other shows. I always used to sell exclusively through dealers.

Would you do it again next year?

Yes I'm planning to.

Aside from the show publicity I sent out over 100 invitations and I was
pleased to see over 15 of them come to the show. The midtown New York
location made it easy for people to get to the show. But even without
these visitors I would have been pleased with the turnout.

Joe Freedman

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