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[BKARTS] documenting artistic collaboration

I also have been faced recently with the question of how to document a
collaborative artwork. I adapted the criteria suggested for authors. I am
not familiar with the history on this issue and have opted for an
egalitarian  approach. Generally all collaborators are responsible for the
quality of their individual contribution, as well as for the quality of the
finished product.

1. Generally the person who generated the idea/concept and implemented it in
written or other artistic form is the first author/artist listed. This
person is usually responsible for the overall production of the
2. Other collaborative authors/artists are listed in the order of their
degree of participation in producing the manuscript/artwork. If secondary
authors/artists participated equally their names are listed alphabetically
by last name, or randomly.
3. If the authors/artists equally developed the idea  and equally
collaborated in producing it, then authors/artists can be listed
alphabetically by last name. Usually there is a footnote/artist's statement
in which the specific contributions of the individuals are noted. Sponsors
should also be acknowledged in the artist's statement.

NB: It is best if all involved discuss this issue at the beginning of the
process, so that misunderstandings are minimized. There are implications for
copyrighting the artwork.

Having said all this that I am aware that some artists use the model in
which those who carry out the implementation of a concept may not be
acknowledged, e.g., the iron forger who makes an sculpture from an artist's
design. In addition, apprentices in an artist's studio might not be
acknowledged despite their contributions. Certainly this was the model in
the Renaissance.

The APA Manual discusses authorship issues and is available in libraries.
Its authorship criteria are generally accepted in the academic community.
The following links discuss the issue in more detail. Although they were
written for academics, the principles are the same as outlined above.



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