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Re: [BKARTS] stab binding tips

On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Jessica Barrett Koenigsberg wrote:

> Would someone mind giving me some tips on proper stab binding =
> techniques? =20
> I have trouble getting my stab bound books to open easily.  Perhabs I am =
> sewing the pages too tight?
> I'd like to make a stab-bound sketch book--about 12x12 to take on =
> vacation using good sketch/watercolor paper and I'd like it to open and =
> lay flat.  Also, I'm curious how the signatures function in a stab-bound =
> book--I don't know, maybe that's a silly question.

The stab bindings that I know about are bindings of single sheets at
heart; you can sew folded signatures with a stab binding, but the fold
has no structural significance.

Opening flat is not something stab bindings are well-suited to.  The pages
are held flat together for some distance in from the spine edge, and the
book opens by bending  all the pages ahead of the line of sewing.
Sometimes scoring the pages along a fold line will help the book open
better; I've also seen photo albums on very heavy paper bound using
flexible cloth hinges to connect each sheet to a stub, and those stubs are
what the sewing goes through.


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