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Re: [BKARTS] BookFest Feedback

I participated in the BookFest in New York and thought overall it was
terrific, except for one thing. I had two books stolen at some point
during the show. But, this I consider an improvement after having three
books stolen during a recent show in Denver. I guess I should just be
flattered that my books are popular! Here are my thoughts on Kevin's

How was the turnout of shoppers?

I thought it was a good number of shoppers both days. Not too many that
it was overwhelming and only once or twice on Saturday morning did I
have about 30 seconds to look up and wonder where the people were. Most
of the time it was a nice steady crowd that kept me on my toes. As
these things often turn out, students and other artists made up a large
part of the shoppers. It's wonderful to be able show the work to them,
but unfortunately, they don't buy much. And all you students and artist
out there, don't get mad at me for saying this--I am the same way.

How were sales?

Sales were good for me. About half of my sales were books that sold for
$150, the other half were books that sold for under $50. None of my
books over $150 sold.

Was the show profitable for you?

No. I only recovered about 50% of my expenses. However, I had quite
high expenses, including renting a full table and high hotel costs
since my mother stayed with me and I couldn't stay at my usual cheap

Was it well organized?

Yes, very much so. I think Ed and Carolyn did an excellent job
organizing and publicizing the event.

Was it worth the $400 table fee?

Yes, even though I didn't make a profit, I think it was worth it in
terms of exposure for my work. You also must know that this was my
first show of this type. Several people have told me that you have to
do a few shows before people start recognizing your work and are more
comfortable with you. For now, I'm hoping they are right because I
can't do too many unprofitable shows before I get discouraged.

How was this show for you compared to other similar shows?

See above.

Would you do it again next year?

Yes, definitely! I had a great time and it's always good to get all
that good feedback from the attendees. That feedback and the ooohs! and
aaahs! about my work feel like a sort of validation that I am on a good
path with my work. It's good to get my ego stroked a bit after spending
too much time alone in my studio!

I hope some of the other participants will also give some feedback.
This whole show concept is new to me. I've done very well so far
selling to collections and private collectors and I see the show
"circuit" as being just another marketing venue. And if the shows
become profitable for me I think they will be very fun to do.

Have a good day,


Laura Russell
Bellingham, WA

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