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Re: [BKARTS] stab binding tips


I cannot offer any hints on stab binding but only my personal
preference for another style of binding.  For a journal or sketch book
that lies flat when open I would make a coptic bound book as my first
choice.  Much easier to work in!

Santa Fe, NM

I can give you references if you need help with coptic binding.

Would someone mind giving me some tips on proper stab binding
I have trouble getting my stab bound books to open easily.  Perhabs I
am sewing the pages too tight?
I'd like to make a stab-bound sketch book--about 12x12 to take on
vacation using good sketch/watercolor paper and I'd like it to open
and lay flat.  Also, I'm curious how the signatures function in a
stab-bound book--I don't know, maybe that's a silly question.
Jessie K.

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