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Re: [BKARTS] help fixing old books

Hi, rvr@xxxxxxx

I have more questions about your books before I can give any detailed

Is the atlas in folded signatures that are stapled or single sheets?  Is
the text block sound with the staples?  How wide are the inner margins?
Are the staples rusting through to the paper?

Old England's cover looks beyond repair.  I would salvage the marbled
paste-downs to be reused and recover with full leather, or find a matching
marbled paper and recover in the same style.  Is this book sewn on cords
or tapes?  You will have to remove the paper backing the spine to find
this out.  The ripped signatures will need to be guarded and then re-sewn
into the block.  It is best not to re-sew the whole book if it can be

The text block can be sealed in a plastic bag with formaldehyde to kill
the mold and spores.  I will let some one else speak to that point as I
live in Alberta, Canada where relative humidity seldom goes above 50% so
we are blessed with little mold or bugs, but it is snowing on the 14th of


> ------------------------------
> Date:    Mon, 12 Apr 2004 15:05:50 -0500
> From:    Rob <rvr@xxxxxxx>
> Subject: help fixing old books
> Hello,
> I have received a couple of old books from a friend. He just bought them
> at an auction for a few bucks. He knows that I have done BBing and asked
> me to fix them up. I have all the details at rtfm.ca/books2fix
> I have never sold a book I have made but I have made over 80 books and
> have given them away to family, friends and enemies - so I know a
> little, but not a lot. I have ideas what to do but would appreciate some
> input from this forum. If you have ideas of where I should go (how is
> that for taking a risk) please let me know! Again, I have put the gory
> details at rtfm.ca/books2fix
> thanks,
> -rob

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