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[BKARTS] Update BelEdiMar

BelEdiMar, a website listing editions printed in Belgium before 1801, was
3766 editions
BelEdiMar was approved by: International Book Collectors Association Rare
Book Ring.
BelEdiMar is browsed by Google.com.
NEW: list of newly added copies.
NEW: list of newly added editions.
NEW: indices on persons and places reorganized
An article on BelEdiMar has been published in 'De Gulden Passer. Jaarboek
van de Vereniging der Antwerpse bibliofielen' 80 (2002), 201-211.
Weekly update of the Calendar. No notices are sent.

   Forthcoming Auctions
BE/Brussels, Henri Godts: 2004/04/24 (501 n°s).
BE/Brussels, Librairie des Eléphants: 2004/04/24 (511 n°s).
GE/Berlin, Auktionshaus Jeschke Greve & Hauff: 2004/04/22-2004/04/24 (4394
GE/Berlin, Galerie Gerda Bassenge: 2004/04/22-2004/04/26 (3755 n°s).
GE/Munich, Hartung & Hartung Antiquariat - Auktionen: 2004/05/04-2004/05/06
(4397 n°s).
GE/Munich, Buch- und Kunstauktionshaus F. Zisska & R. Kistner:
2004/04/27-2004/04/29 (3365 n°s).
UK/London, Bloomsbury Book Auctions: 2004/04/22 (422 n°s).
NL/Amsterdam, Van Gendt Book Auctions B.V.: 2004/04/20-2004/04/21 (1136
NL/Dordrecht, A. Mak B.V.: 2004/04/20 (549 n°s).
NL/Ederveen, Kool Boeken: 2004/04/17 (501 n°s).
SW/Stockholm, Stockholms Auktionsverk: 2004/04/19 (3001-3852 n°s).
BE/Bruges, Antiquariaat Cursief: 2004/04/03 (600 n°s).
GE/Berlin, Auktionshaus Jeschke Greve & Hauff: 2004/03/19 (1574 n°s).
NL/Amsterdam, Van Gendt Book Auctions B.V.: 2004/01/15-2004/01/16 (1123

   Catalogues of Antiquarian Booksellers
Some catalogues by antiquarian booksellers, wishing to remain anonymous.

   To make this site more informative, every auctioneer or antiquarian
bookseller is kindly invited to send her/his printed catalogue.

   Thank You and hoping you enjoy the site,
   Koning Albertlaan 71
   B-9000 Gent
   (Editions, printed in Belgium before 1801, on the Market)

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