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Re: [BKARTS] stab binding tips

Jessica - As you have already heard, stab binding is not best suited for
books where you would like them to open fully and lie flat. May I suggest that
you, instead, take watercolor paper with you already cut to the size you wish
your book to be when finished, with the necessary end material for binding and
spine flexibility marked off ahead of time. When your trip is over, you can then
select (if necessary) those watercolors that will be in the book and bind
them together using a stab binding.

I used to take sketchbooks with me on trips and found it dissatisfying
because of the paper quality, in part, but also because there would often be much
that I didn't like. Even after I learned how to make my own sketchbooks or
journals, I would have perhaps 10% (if lucky) of the work I had done that I truly
liked. Now I take precut paper of the type I usually work on. Sometimes the
pieces wind up in a book, sometimes they stand on their own. You could put your
energies into creating a workable porfolio enclosure for the safe transporting
of your paper (which could also serve as a hard surface to work on) before
going, and make the book when you get home. Barbara Harman

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