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Re: [BKARTS] help fixing old books

Hi, sam@xxxxxxxxxx,

Thanks for the response. I have already started to tackle the atlas,
leaving the England book for a bit later when I get some restoration
supplies. You had written:

> Is the atlas in folded signatures that are stapled or single sheets?
> Is the text block sound with the staples?  How wide are the inner

The staples were a bit rusty, so I removed the sigs - finding that they
were actually 8 page signatures. I am thinking of sewing on tapes or
maybe coptic because I like the idea of an atlas opening flat. Any
comments appreciated

Next the Old England book.

> Old England's cover looks beyond repair.  I would salvage the marbled
> paste-downs to be reused and recover with full leather, or find a

I will salvage the paste downs, of course reading the archives before
asking how to do such a feat.

> Is this book sewn on cords or tapes?

I have checked, and it is sewn on thin enbedded cords (for some reason I
like sewing on big freakin non-embedded cords), two signatures at a
time. The textblock cords are broken in a couple of places, the sewing
thread looks quite thin.

> The text block can be sealed in a plastic bag with formaldehyde to kill
> the mold and spores.  I will let some one else speak to that point as

I have been leary about anything to do with washing paper or
deacidifying etc, but this sounds like something I could do..

> in Alberta, Canada where ... but it is snowing on the 14th of April.

Well, I am in WV and it snowed here today, so don't feel bad. It rained
the three days before that.

Thanks for the information and I look forward to more advice!

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