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Re: [BKARTS] matching old paper -Clarification of "boiled book"

On Apr 14, 2004, at 7:56 PM, Thomas Conroy wrote:

......... that the the boiling of books has been documented in
conservation literature. This was
relevant and to the point of the substance of my comments. I had
missed this treatment, and I certainly would never have suspected
that it could be proposed seriously.  In a conservation context, the
ethics as well as the wisdom of destroying books .........

A clarification of the process --- books are "not" destroyed :  The
extract is actually the water from the process of washing and
deacidifying an older book -- in essence the waste water. As
conservators, we are quite familiar with the dark  tea-colored water
that is available when we treat an old book. That waste water is
further boiled down to an extract that can be used to match old paper
-- in fact, it produces a perfect match of the "old" color. Of course,
there could be all sorts of discussion about the long term affects of
such a wash or coloration of new paper, but realize that the pH is high
due to the alkaline water that was used for the treatment of the book.
As Donia Conn has stated:
"an article on using paper extract for the toning of materials in
conservation was presented at a conference in London in 2000 and was
published in the Paper Conservator Vol. 26, 2002, pages 21-26.  It is
well worth the read in light of rather vehement reactions."

Bill Minter

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