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Re: [BKARTS] help fixing old books

Hi, Rob;

If you are NOT concerned with historical accuracy on the atlas you could
do something artsy with a coptic binding, reattaching the covers by
drilling holes in them and leave the spine exposed.  However, sewing on
tapes, rounding the spine with a hollow back will be more historically
accurate and will also open flat.  Maybe you should take Peter Verheyen's
spring back binding course.

As to the "Old England" book:
To remove the paste-downs, you should determine if you want to reuse the
boards.  If you do, you have to carefully scrape between the past down and
the board to remove it.  This takes skill and practice.  Test a small area
of the marbled paper to see if it is waterproof.  If so, you can also use
steam to loosen the paste.  If you don't care about the boards and the
marbled paper is waterproof, soak it free.

It sounds like you do need to re-sew the book.  You should re-sew with
sunken cords, two up, if that was the original structure of the book.
Again, it depends on how serious you are about restoration.  Books by
Bernard C. Middleton and Arthur W. Johnson are the best reference for


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