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[BKARTS] Independent Media Conference AKA Allied Media Conference

Speaking of the human race and our ability to think...the Allied Media
Conference is coming up again. I've never attended, but I enjoy their
updates and their purpose. For other Independent Media buffs out there,
below is the announcement for this year's conference in June in Ohio.

Their website: www.alliedmediaconference.com

The AMC announcement:
Hello everyone!

This is certainly a crucial time for independent media around the world, and
we're getting more excited about the this year's Allied Media Conference as
we continue to put all the pieces together. Check out some of the latest
news below - including a request for your help in spreading the word about
the AMC:

[.5] PRE-REGISTRATION DEAL: This year your pre-registration fee of $25
covers everything you'll want to do at the AMC except the eating and
drinking parts. When you pre-register for $25, you'll get access to the
keynote address, the kick-off show that night, all sessions at the
conference on Saturday and Sunday, the all-day independent film fest on
Saturday, and the bowling party on Saturday night! Seriously.
http://www.alliedmediaconference.com. Go now, we'll wait.

[1] ILLEGAL ART AT THE AMC: Kicking off the conference will be a 90-minute
presentation by Mark Hosler, founding member of Negativland. The film and
storytelling presentation titled "Adventures in Illegal Art: Creative and
Media Resistance and Negativland" will start at 7 p.m. on Friday and will be
part of the AMC open house and exhibit preview.

[1.5] PROPOSE A SESSION: The deadline for session proposals is quickly
approaching (April 15). Visit http://www.alliedmediaconference.com right
away and get your proposals in!

[2] HEY TEACHERS OF ALL STRIPES!: The Symposium on Media Literacy in
Education will precede the weekend's events starting at 8 a.m. and will
feature lectures and workshops on how to teach students to be critical media
readers and active creators of independent media. Registration for the
symposium is $35 and includes FREE access to the rest of the weekend's

[3] AMC PHONE TREE: Please help us spread the word about the Allied Media
Conference by emailing the following post to friends, allies, and colleagues
that you think should be coming. AMC is all about connecting our extended
communities, and word-of-mouth is the best way to make sure we're all
present and accounted for. Cut. Paste. Disseminate. Repeat:

If you believe communities should control their media...

If you believe everyone should have the tools to create and distribute their
own books, movies, music, newspapers, and more...

If you believe communication is a human right...

You should be at the Allied Media Conference.
June 18-20, 2004.
Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH

Every year in June, hundreds of the most passionate people from the world of
independent media converge on Bowling Green, Ohio, for the Allied Media
Conference. The AMC focuses on sharing skills, building alternatives to
corporate media, and using media for positive social change. In addition to
hands-on, DIY workshops, the conference includes film screenings, artist
presentations, and a large exhibition hall to share our work. There are
caucuses for video activists, community newspapers, and Indymedia members
and a series of workshops for educators on using independent media in the
classroom. Set in a small, midwest town, it's also a space to strengthen our
community and enjoy each other's company.

For more information: email: amc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  |  phone: 419.243.4688


Jason Kucsma, for the AMC organizing crew

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